My favorite decorating tips and strategies,
explained step-by-step

If you pay attention the most stunning raw cake designs you see on Instagram, you'll find they all share a common trait. The artists who make them are super picky about details.

For example, layers are crystal clear without color bleeding. Toppings are varied and arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way.

You wouldn't think that such small (and not even difficult) details would separate your average raw cake from a truly gorgeous one, but a little extra discernment can make all the difference.

Many people find making raw cakes intimidating

If you don't know where to start (ie. you're looking at someone else's finished cake design) it can seem almost impossible. 

Really though it's not that hard to design cakes that look as amazing as they taste.

I put this guide together so you'll have the confidence to experiment with all sorts of cake decorating techniques.

And to inspire you to be a little adventurous, so that you can practice and become more natural as you go along.

After reading this guide you'll know how to:

  • Pair crust and filling ingredients so that they compliment each other naturally.
  • Layer your fillings so you get perfect layers (straight or swirly depending on your preference).
  • Use berries properly - whether fresh, freeze dried, or frozen.
  • Choose flowers to compliment your cake flavor and adorn your design.

And you'll also have:

  • An understanding of why style and careful execution are key to beautiful cake decoration.
  • The ability to impress others visually and use the design to hint at your cake’s flavors.
  • Skills to avert and fix accidental cake swirling mishaps.
  • The inspiration to get adventurous so that your cake decorating skills get better and better!

Get the Raw Cake Decorating Guide

Take your raw cake decorating to a whole new level of gorgeous!

  • 22 page pdf
  • Photo examples to guide you
  • Lots of raw cake inspiration